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Last week I did my grocery shopping at a different Shaws than I normally go to and could not find my favorite brand of Pork Shoulder (Oh blessed swine), all they had was some other brand attractively priced at only .99 cents/pound as opposed to the $1.79/pound I normally pay.

Gleefully, I picked up 2 and was looking forward to feasting on their fatty goodness.  I cooked up my first batch and was astonished to discover the stuff was so damn salty that it was barely edible, ugh.  It almost felt as though someone had dumped rancid chili down my pants and then hit me over the head with a shovel.  The feeling got worse when I read the label of the 2nd package, it read “package weight contains 23% other ingredients”!

What the hell “other ingredients” does one put into a slab of pork?  After reading that I just threw the damn thing in the garbage and bought some of the regular stuff I usually buy.

Lesson for the day – reading a label is important, and more often than not you get what you pay for.


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