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Imitation and Flattery

Since ”Mexico” seems to be a recurring theme in the past few days it’s rather appropriate that NYC seems to be utilizing their tactics for dealing with welfare recipients: send them packing.  Mexico tries to send their poor to the United States so we have to pick up the tab caring for them and so that they’ll send money back to Mexico, it also assists in them trying to conquer the US via demographics.

Since the economic meltdown, made only worse since the election of “The One”, governments are strapped for cash and are looking for ways to lighten the load.  NYC is paying for welfare recipients to go back to where they’re from, this should probably be a bargain in the long term considering the multiplier effect welfare has on ruining an economy.

While I like the idea I support going one step further: pay for one way tickets to California with instructions on how to get on their dole!  If Mexico can figure out how to get their poor leaching off of someone else we can too.

Yes, we can!


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