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Not so Favre

The yearly ritual known as “Favre watch” has officially come to an end, Brett Favre has declared that he will remain retired.  For months he has publically indicated that he might be willing to play for the Vikings this season but that is not going to happen at this point.

I wonder if the whole event might have been a giant bluff, that he never actually wanted to play this season and was hoping to rattle the Green Bay Packers into paying him a bunch of money NOT to play this season.  I’m not sure what the rules are on that sort of thing but is it possible that the Packers did cut a deal with him but they all agreed to keep it on the down low?

Another possibility is that Favre is in so-so shape and will spend the next year working on getting healthy to make a comeback in 2010, demanding BIG bucks.  After a season of suffering through players like Tarvaris Jackson (doesn’t that sound like a car name?  “Get 0% financing on the all-new Hyundai Travaris, available only for a limited time”) and Sage Rosenfels (Ugh, what a terrible name, isn’t “Sage” an herb used for cooking?  “Rosenfels” sounds like a tax accountant, he should have changed his name to”Steve Rogers” or something that evokes a little more confidence) the Vikings will be starving for a decent QB and will be eager to shell out the dinero.

A third possibility is that Favre just can’t resist being the center of attention and will do anything to keep his name in the news.

Whatever the reason for the Favre circus coming to an end this is good news for Michael “Dog Lover” Vick, the Vikings are just one more team who might want Vick’s services, they might even hire him under his real name!  He just needs to go on Oprah to get a bit of public sympathy going: he should blame his dogfighting on societal oppression of the Black man, talk about how Obama has inspired him, and lament on not being able to spend enough time with his mother while growing up.

If he can pull that off and do a public work-out showing that he can still play he’ll be a shoe-in for the 09 season and maybe even Time Magazine’s Man of the Year.  It could happen, even Hitler was the Man of the Year in 1939, and Vick has MUCH better facial hair.


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