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Pet Peeve – stupid facial hair

The subject of my scorn today is Ashton Kutcher, I’m not going to bust his chops for appearing in that stupid “I pledge” video where he vows to serve Obama, I’m going to call attention to his pathetic facial hair that he goes out of his way to show off.

Related to Yasser Arafat?

Related to Yasser Arafat?

It’s a half-assed wannabee beard that looks more like pubic hair than what should be on a real man’s face.  Why go out of your way to publicize something you’re bad at?  It’s not just that Kutcher looks a lot better clean shaven and he doesn’t know it, but I wonder if it sends a message that it’s good to go through life doing things half-assed.  Is it mere coincidence that the muppet behind the counter at Dunkin Donuts who had an Ash-tee* and pants beneath his ass needed 3 attempts this morning before he finally got me a medium tea with 2 tea-bags and cream, no sugar.

I really do think the world would be a better place if people took pride in what they did while doing other things half-assed.  The Patriot’s offensive line might have gotten completely owned by the Giant’s defense in Superbowl 42, but dammit, they were sporting some fine looking beards.

Pats o-line

*Pathetic facial hair resembling Ashton Kutcher’s


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