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Stimulus package?


Anyone familiar with how government works should not be surprised that money from the “Stimulus package” is going to fund nonsense like this, these kinds of bills empower Congress, who gets to dole out all that cash, but it doesn’t do much for the people.  Unemployment has actually risen since the “Stimulus” bill was passed.

If Congress actually wanted to help out the economy a much better way would have been to simply suspend the income tax for a year, it would have cost roughly the same as the bill passed but it would have put more spending power in the hands of the people, and they could have used it in a manner that would have been most beneficial to them.

People might have used the money to pay their mortgage, allowing them to remain in their homes and banks would be more likely to stay in business if they get paid on their loans.  Maybe people would go out to eat once a week, then the restaurant is more likely to stay open and keep their staff employed, and when businesses stay open it means they’re paying taxes, something governments on all levels need right now.

The one “problem” with suspending the income tax is that Congress is afraid that people might actually like it.  If Congress does the spending and we have to deal with the inflation it’s pretty much business as usual but once people get a taste of keeping their own money they won’t want to give it up.  Why would Congress want to decrease their own power and wealth?

Before forming an opinion on any act of government it’s a good idea to “Cui Bono” (Who benefits)?  Will it benefit the people or the government and various special interests?


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