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What should I fix, what’s broken or what’s not?

Since Roger Goodell took over as Commishioner of the NFL he’s been looking to make various changes to the NFL like extending the season from 16 games to 18 games, yet he’s done nothing to address the bad/corrupt officiating system.

A 16 game season is just about perfect, when you look at the pre-season, regular season, and post-season, it can add up to a lot, even if you’re one of those people who ignore the pre-season it’s plenty.  The players think 16 games is enough, adding 2 more games increases the liklihood of injury and would water down the intensity of play.  When you consider that the players would not be making proportionately more money and teams would not be allowed to carry more players, it’s adding insult to injury.

The push for more games is due to the league not making as much money in these difficult economic times, so Goodell is trying to force the goose to lay more golden eggs instead of breeding another goose.  If Goodell had a brain he could institute some changes that actually would help the game.  Here are some changes that actually would help football:

–  institute blind officiating.  One probably doesn’t have to think too hard to see BS calls which really take away from the enjoyment of the game, I really don’t care that the NFL wants parity if it comes at the expense of fairness, I’d rather have certain teams dominate than have phantom calls made up to favor certain teams.

There’s no reason why video feed can’t be sent to a room full of refs, with red and blue superimposed over the uniforms to lower the possibility of bias, and those refs can call in penalties remotely. The refs on the field can be there as icing on the cake to pick up anything the refs in the video room miss. This would reduce the amount of bad calls and better insure that the best team wins.

– Restructure the pay scale for rookies. The draft system is set up to allow the weaker teams to catch up to the stronger teams by allowing the weakest teams the earlier picks in the round. This seems good in theory but when weak teams are looking to trade their picks because those picks will cost them too much money it’s a sign that something’s wrong. It would make more sense to allow the teams to negotiate with those players and determine their own contracts as opposed to slotting the players into predetermined pay grades. If the 1st round pick is willing to take less money than the 5th round pick, why not let them do it?

The other option is to have a salary cap for rookies. League history is littered with 1st round busts who got huge amounts of guaranteed money yet with lower drafted players who turn in pro-bowl seasons but got paid a mere pittance. People were astonished that Matt Cassel, who had a pro-bowl caliber season with the Patriots, got a 6yr contract with 36 million guaranteed, yet there wasn’t any fuss when Matt Stafford, who has never thrown a pass in the NFL, got a 6yr contract with nearly 42 million guaranteed.

Capping rookie salaries would make bust players less of a drain on a team and also boost morale for the players who make up the grout of the league, guys that aren’t superstars but who nuts and bolts of the teams.

– Create a minor league! It works in baseball and hockey so why not in football? It could have games in the spring and summer, which would ease the withdrawal that football junkies like me suffer from, and it could develop talent that slips through the cracks of the current system.

Players like Ryan Leaf were great in college yet sucked in the NFL, yet top players in the NFL like Wes Welker, Antonio Gates, and Tony Romo were never even drafted. The current system is highly flawed, a developmental league would make money and provide a place for players to go before and after their NFL careers. They could also probably save money by having the minor league games in college stadiums, they’re not doing that much in those months so it should be an easy sell. The lower overhead could translate into higher profits and/or lower ticket prices, I’d opt for the lower ticket cost in the early phases of the league because the most important thing is to get butts in seats and build a fanbase.

There you have it, Goodell, a common sense plan to improve the league without all of the bad risk of your ideas. Just pay me 1% of the proceeds and we’ll call it even.


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  1. A minor league is a terrible idea, it was the NFL Europe, tried and failed.

    Comment by Mike Barnes | August 3, 2009 | Reply

  2. NFL Europe failed, not the minor league concept. Marketing market American football to Europeans is like selling Pulled Pork Sandwiches in Mecca.

    Comment by planetcaveman | August 4, 2009 | Reply


    Since the AFL is going out of business it opens up more of everything for an alternate/minor league.

    Comment by planetcaveman | August 5, 2009 | Reply

  4. The XFL wasn’t really a minor legue but had lots of money and coverage behind it and failed in one season.

    Comment by naannook | August 10, 2009 | Reply

  5. 1) the XFL played in the Fall, this is the kiss of death fo any alternate football league

    2) No one took them seriously, they thought it was like the WWF but for football. With team names like “The Hitmen” you’re eliminating a lot of what makes football appealing for people, could you imagine a father and son watching an XFL game together “Daddy, what’s a hitmen?”, “I want to be a hitman when I grow up” Ugh

    Comment by planetcaveman | August 10, 2009 | Reply

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