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I'm bringing stupid back!

I'm bringing stupid back!

The San Francisco 49ers 1st round draft pick Michael Crabtree has been in the process of what is known as a ‘holdout’, the player doesn’t go to any team activities, practices, and has so far missed training camp.  You see, Mr. Crabtree, who was picked 10th overall at the draft, feels he should make more money than the receriver who was picked at the #7 spot by the Raiders.

This is interesting for several reasons, the first is that traditionally the players picked later tend to get paid less money than the players picked earlier: the first pick will make more money than the 2nd, and so on.  Another reason this is interesting is that many people think the reciever picked before Crabtree was way overpaid.  The Raiders are not exactly the model of a well run organization, in fact, they’re the NFL’s basketcase with a crazy old man constantly meddling in the team even to the point of calling plays.  The 49ers, on the other hand, have a great history and are on the rise thanks to their new Head Coach, Hall of Fame linebacker Mike Singletary.

So, do you want to be on a good team that has the potential to start winning playoff games soon or would you prefer the worst run team with the worst record?  Where do you think you have a better opportunity to get sweet endorsement deals?  Where do you think you’d be happier day to day?  Word on the street is that people who work at well-run companies with competant management tend to be happier than people who work at stress factories with a bi-polar alcoholic for a boss (I speak from experience on this one).

It gets even better when we learn that Crabtree has threatened to sit out the entire 2009 season and re-enter the draft in 2010.  Although I’m by no means an expert in contract negotiation or professional football, I’m thinking that if a player has not gone to practices and training camp he is not learning the system (the 49ers offensive co-ordinator does not allow his players to take the playbooks home).  Crabtree is also not developing an NFL level skill-set by sitting out, playing at the college level allows many players to develop bad habits by relying on things that will not work at the pro level.

I would think that the longer a player sits out the less value they have to the team: their bodies are not becoming accustomed to the streses it’ll have during the season (increasing their chances of injury), the team might not be able to finalize deals with other players, and other players just might develop a bit of resentment towards the prima donna.  Why would a team pay big money for Crabtree next year when he’s a year older, still hasn’t caught a pass in the NFL, and has proven to be a pain in the ass?  I’m thinking his 2010 value will be lower than it is now.

A better strategy might be to show up at all the activities, bust your ass in training and learning the system, and basically show the organization that you’re worth every penny that you’re asking for.  The light at the end of the tunnel in this whole fiasco is that hopefully the league will institute a rookie salary cap: that would take a lot of stress off teams, it would minimize the negative effect of 1st round busts and also allow more money for proven veterans as opposed to unproven rookies.  I think capping tghe rookie’s salary at the average of the league player would a good idea.

So, I’m crossing my fingers that the 49ers tell Crabtree to go to hell and let him sit out if he doesn’t want to be reasonable.  I think the rest of the team would get a major boost in terms of morale and also take the money that would be promised to Crabtree and give it to the other players, I have a feeling the other guys would play like men possessed if that happened.  There would be a certain irony of the team made the playoffs without the rookie sensation that wants his butt kissed.


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