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A question of etiquette: when should you tell someone ‘go fuck yourself’?

Islam, a religion of peace...and Fashion!

Islam, a religion of peace...and Fashion!

The answer is when their stupid behavior negatively impacts others.  The world is filled with all sorts of stupid beliefs, from thinking Justin Timberlake’s hot (he’s not, I could piss on him and knock him over) to preferring MMA over Judo, but I suppose those stupid beliefs actually do have value by giving us something to laugh at.  To a certain extent I enjoy watching women reject a guy who is everything they claim they want in favor of a dickhead male that treats them like utter shit, exactly the way their last boyfriend did but afterwards they convinced them self that ‘this one’s different’.  People making bad choices also serves as an opportunity for non-idiots to learn.

As a very wise man once said “Most people learn from their mistakes, the wise learn from the mistakes of others, fools never learn at all”

Ok, fine, I was the one who said it but it sounds so much cooler when you say it in a Sean Connery voice.

So I’m generally not going to get too concerned about someone’s stupid beliefs until those beliefs start to impact me but when I see a consistent trend of stupid Muslims who seem to resist forcing their beliefs on others I start to get agitated.  It’s helpful to look at England as a petri dish of what can happen if you feel content to sit back and let the situation deteriorate.  They have a very similar culture and legal system but look what they are turning into by becoming a bunch of goddamn pussies; maybe going toe to toe with Germany too often has resulted in all the brave men dying off so that the cowards were the only ones left to pass on their genes.  Although nature can certainly have something to do with it one cannot overlook the importance of nurture, in this case it’s manifested as culture.

When people are told since the time they’re children that they must respect other cultures and that by being white, especially if they’re male, they’re evil, responsible for all that is wrong with the world, they’ll develop a guilt complex.  Guilt can only be alleviated by an act of contrition, the guilty party must do something to correct the situation and restore balance, maybe it’s saying 50 Hail Mary’s or maybe it’s just keeping your mouth shut when an “oppressed minority” tries to impose their will on someone.  The real questions are 1) whether or not the guilt is legitimate, and 2) whether the act of contrition will actually improve the situation.

The English have done PLENTY of nasty shit throughout the centuries but should a modern Briton feel guilt about what his ancestor might have done 300 years ago?  I guarantee that the ancestors of people in Mongolia have done horrific things that would make Hannibal Lector cringe, but will dropping cluster bombs on Mongolia magically erase the wrongs of the past?  If Britain has acted unjustly in the past the best thing they can do to help improve bad situations they might have had a hand in creating is to practice justice.  Creating an unjust legal system that makes victims/prisoners is not the solution; it’s just more of the problem.  The more countries that respect the rights of their citizens the more people around the world will demand that of their own governments, the more people will learn that a legal system respecting property rights is a necessary condition for the production of wealth.  Simply put, if you want me to go to work and produce I need to have a reasonable belief that I’m going to be able to keep what I earn, if a local thug or government official (the same thing really) can seize my earnings at will why should I bother going to work?

Getting back to the main point, the English have allowed themselves to be turned into a bunch of pathetic cowards.  Aside from them allowing their government to install cameras every 5 feet and making self-defense essentially illegal, they’ve allowed themselves to be colonized by Muslims.  It’s one thing to allow Muslims to immigrate to England provided they understand that they’re in ENGLAND and they’re expected to learn the language, follow the law, and generally behave in a way acceptable to the English but it’s quite another to allow them to jump on the dole and push the Brits around on their own land.  Muslims have demanded special prayer times in public schools and they’ve gotten it, they’ve demanded public foot baths so they can purify themselves and they’ve gotten it, and now we have public pools requiring women to be dressed in ways acceptable to Muslims.

The sad fact is that this is just the beginning, even if the Brits don’t realize it.  The question always asked after horrible actions is “how did this happen”?  People asked that after they found out about the atrocities committed by the Nazis, Communists (well, not really, the Communists generally get a historical pass regarding all the shit they did that makes Adolf’s boys look like amateurs) and the Khmer Rouge (although there was a cool punk band by that name).  The answer to “how did this happen” is “a little bit at a time”.  Bullies exist all over the place, there’s the kid on the school yard who wants to take someone’s lunch money but we often forget that a bully can just as easily be an idiot soccer mom who wants the local school to ban the game “Tag”, a fundamentalist Christian who wants to initiate prayer in a public school, and even a police officer who uses his power to bust the balls of people who aren’t doing anyone any harm.

These are very common examples of bully behavior which many people will feel comfortable identifying as bully behavior, but many people won’t feel comfortable criticizing a Muslim group that wants Jell-O banned from the local school unless an alternative is served that is acceptable to Muslims.  I wonder if eventually we’ll see a demand for non-pork pork products unless pork is removed.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I have no interest in moving to a Muslim country, they’re generally shitholes that people try to move away from.  A very ironic thin is that people who often move away from a craphole will try to turn the good place they moved to into the craphole they moved from: you see this behavior from MassHoles who move to New Hampshire from Massachusetts, Mexicans who come to the United States, and Muslims in England.  I think that if a person isn’t intelligent enough to understand this contradictory set of actions that they’re probably people I’d rather not have in my country or planet.

Since having any kind of rational immigration policy is obviously not on the agenda of people in charge anywhere the burden has to fall to us if we want to see any kind of meaningful change: we need to get vocal!  This is a problem for many people who see it as an aggressive action, and their moral code is against initiating aggression against others, the problem with that line of thinking is that the true aggression is started by the people that demand others bend over for them: people that generally try to use the arm of government to force their beliefs on others.  If some hippie idiot wants to the government to endorse the global warming theory (which is a giant crock of shit not backed by any scientific data) the appropriate thing to do is to go up to them ask them why they’re trying to get a 3rd party to shove their garbage on you.  Get in the face of the soccer mom and demand to know why she wants to have your son punished if he flexes his arms, ask the Mexican nationalist why a statue of a Civil War soldier should be taken down so a statue of the Mesoamerican god Quetzalcoatl can be erected.

People demanding their will be imposed are the aggressors, and if one doesn’t defend themselves with words they might not be able to with arms.  If “Fight Club” has taught us anything it’s that most people will do almost anything to avoid a conflict, this can cut both ways: if regular people don’t want to engage in a conflict a bully starts the bully will become emboldened and demand more and more, one the other hand of you get in the bully’s face he will know he can’t get away with his nonsense, it’s likely that he will completely back down in that situation.  Many bullies become bullies because they realize most people don’t have the balls to oppose them.

I generally don’t watch the news because it’s often bullshit and it’s always upsetting, watching the news doesn’t help correct the situation but taking action does, if everyone who saw a bully try nonsense got in their face and called them on their crap we’d be living in a much better world.  It’s not enough to agree with the idea, you have to make it part of your life, as Gandhi said “BE the change you seek in the world”.


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  1. I’m amused amazed and angered at the people who will step on others rights in the name of “equality” or “justice”. As far as any religious organization goes, don’t they understand they are defunct and fundamentally flawed because they are all controlled by the ancestry of the first sinners? How is ANY man qualified to evaluate another man’s standing in the eyes of any god? False prophets and false texts, both influenced by man?

    Comment by naannook | August 18, 2009 | Reply

  2. That’s an interesting point, the fact that our need for redemption is due to the actions of our ancestors.

    Suppose an Islamic government decided to execute and infant because the child’s father was a murderer who could not be brought to justice, how would people around the world react? I’m betting there would be boycotts and economic sanctions against that country and people here would call that regime ‘barbaric’, but how many people here actually endorse that notion by accepting the concept of original sin? I’m at fault for something I didn’t do?

    That’s why applying concepts to different situations will tell you whether or not they’re fundamentally sound, just like 2+2=4, the math should work the same if we use millions. It’s amazing that people will listen to Joe Biden say “We need to spend so we don’t go bankrupt” and not realize how absolutely insane that idea is but if we talk about drastic overspending on lemons to make sure our lemonade stand stays in business they’d tell you that you were crazy.

    Comment by planetcaveman | August 18, 2009 | Reply

  3. It does seem that the current trends of political correctness have a lot of built in incongruities that cannot be squared with each other. How can you respect all cultures/religions/lifestyles when they have mutually incompatible requirements. e.g. How is Sharia law compatible with the modern western liberal women’s rights? Tough tap dance for the hippies and socialists to execute gracefully…

    Comment by Space Monkey | August 26, 2009 | Reply

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