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Beating your opponent to the punch!

After Oregon suffered a loss to Boise State tailback Legarrette Blount decided to punch a Boise State player in the face after some shittalking.  The talk among those in the sports media world is revolving around whether or not Blount is going to be suspended from the team or other similar punishments.

What I’m wondering is why this thug hasn’t been arrested and charged with assault.  The player from Boise State clearly touches Blount on the shoulder and probably said something asinine but hauling off and punching the guy is clearly taking things to another level.

When people agree to put themselves into situations like a boxing match one couldn’t arrest one of the fighters for punching the other because that’s the nature of the activity they’re agreeing to, but if one of the fighters pulled out a knife and stabbed the other fighter I doubt people would only be talking about suspensions, at least I hope so.

As much as I like sports there is a point when things get out of hand and they can do us harm as a society: making athletes a protected class which rules don’t apply to is one of those tipping points.  It’s bad enough that we make millionaire heroes out of idiots who couldn’t hold down a Burger King job because they can do entertaining things with a ball but when we give them de facto approval to break the law we are essentially saying that laws aren’t really LAWS but more suggestions that can be ignored if you’re cool enough.

The only good way to deal with this issue is to throw the book at this asshole and send a message to every other wannabee thug that you it’s a helluva lot better to pick up the soap in the locker room shower than the prison shower, so don’t be an idiot.


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  1. The Caveman said:
    As much as I like sports there is a point when things get out of hand and they can do us harm as a society: making athletes a protected class which rules don’t apply to is one of those tipping points.

    Cassandros says:
    The idea of protected classes is wrong all around. Its wrong in every-way. there’s a little document I refer to that backs me up on those thoughts… its called the CONSTITUTION!!!!

    When athletes go beyond the rules of the game… beyond what is agreed to by all participants on the field of play… they should IMO, be open to the fililing of criminal and civil charges. However, in contrast to the Caveman’s point… i would advocate that such charges should only take place if the “victim” of such an infraction should file, such claim themselves! Assuming of course they are capable of making and commanding such a decision.

    REAL men… whether they live in a Cave or an ultra modern Condo… look forward to their friends hitting them if needed. A proper society relies on its members to police itself, and strike the needed blow of containment… long before the state is involved.

    I’ve personally had friends,drag me away from a burgeoning fight. they’ve dragged me away from a fights I was sure to win… but that would have likely left me in jail at the least or broken in the mind, for the burden of winning.

    Only because my buddies knew I would be the arbiter of their actions the next day… rather than the state… did they have the confidence and sense of safety to inflict their caring violence on me.

    In a world where the government got to make those decisions on its own, the defenders of the week, would mind their own biz… and we’d see a level of violence… far worse than punches on the sideline.

    That said… the kid that threw the punch in that video… should be suspended from the team, shunned, and have that vid clip played at every job interview he ever has…. IMO.


    Comment by Cassandros | October 2, 2009 | Reply

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