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Random thoughts for September

– The smell of a camp fire is amazing, there is just something so pleasing about it, maybe because our caveman ancestors associated things like food and warmth to camp fires it that label got burned into our consciousness over thousands of years.

– Rule of wrist: if it takes longer to change the lightbulb on your headlight than it takes to change your oil, something’s wrong.  I’m waiting for a car company to have the brains/balls to specifically design a car that is easy to work on.  There are few things that piss me off as much as having to spend 4 hours working on something that should only take 30 minutes, when you build a car in such a way that you need to remove parts 54-71 just to get to the part you need to work on, which should be easily accessable in the first place, it’s rather annoying, it also costs more when you need to bring the car in to be worked on.

I’d also gladly pay an extra $40 for the car if it has galvanized bolts and nuts.  Sooner or later one will need to remove that bold and if it’s so damn rusted that you need to saw it off and theen replace it you’ll spend a lot more in time/aggravation than you would have by paying a little more when you buy it.  Henry Ford once said “I’m not in the car business, I’m in the car parts business”, I’m waiting for a company to take the opposite approach, they’d make less money in the long term but I think they’d get more immediate sales if they marketed it the right way.

– Pork Shoulder remains one of the most cost-effective and easy to prepare meals out there.

– Duty to retreat laws are absolute fucking bullshit!  This past week my general disgust for those in the legal profession grew when a co-worker tried to justify the state going after a woman for manslaughter because she entered her house to get her children after her drunk/high ex-husband broke down the door and began attacking her, the key factor is that she jumped through a second story window to escape him.  Because of that the law forbids her from re-entering her own house, the idea being that she has attained safety and by entering her house while her attacker is in it she becomes the aggressor, even though he was the one trying to kill her and she was trying to get herself and her children to safety.

I’m waiting for “feminists” to jump all over this woman and demand that the law be changed but I doubt that will happen.  The amazing thing that advocates of this law don’t seem to understand is that are advocating the idea that a person loses the right to be in their house, which they have a legal and moral right to be in, because an intruder is inside, who does not have a legal or moral right to be there.  I also don’t understand how this cannot have the effect of emboldening criminals if they learn that the law favors them once they enter someone’s house.

Unfortunately many people in the legal system tend to advocate laws that make people dependant on them.  The poor woman that was attacked was lucky enough to hit her attacker in the head with a frying pan as her was choking her, killing him, but instead of her being able to just go about her business she then becomes a “customer” of the legal system, employing both her defense attorney and the prosecutor trying to put her in jail for defending herself.

My piece of shit co-worker said that she should have “just called the cops” if she was worried about her kids.  Ok, if you called 911 right now how long would it take form them to arrive?  Then ask yourself how long it would take for someone to murder a small child.  The Civil Rights movement is incomplete so long as these and other anti-self defense laws remain on the books, hopefully people will wake up to this injustice before it costs them the life of a loved one.

– Becks is outstanding beer!  My brother is on a German beer kick and has vigorously advocated for it.  While I have a general appreciation for German products I was very hesitant to take the plunge because it came from my brother, not that I have a thing against brothers (I make an exception for Kanye West) but he is also obcessed with Golf (boring and elitist), steroids in baseball (seriously, who gives a shit?) and the Pirates movies (Keira Knightly is nearly anorexic and Orlando Bloom is more feminine than she is).  So, despite my natural aversion to things endorsed by my brother my thirst won over and I grabbed a six pack.

To hell with 72 Muslim virgins, all I need is the promise of an afterlife with a few St. Pauli girl biermadchens and I’ll be ready to suicide myself for a worthy cause.

oh German Bier Goddess, thou art perfection

oh German Bier Goddess, thou art perfection

bier madchen

– Is it me or do many people that make it a point to display their religous emblems behave in a way completely inconsistent with the tenants of that religion?  Maybe “wearing” your religion alleviates that person of the burden of actually living it.


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