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“I’m voting for kids” (Bumper sticker).  Yeah, you’re an idiot.  Suppose a bill was passed that reduced pollution, would that be good for children?  Of course, but it would also be good for everyone, as would a bill that resulted in the economy improving.  I’m wondering what kind of legislation would be good for children but not good for society in general.  That tells me that people who go out of their way to let other people know they ‘vote for children’ are not giving the slightest amount of thought to their own thought process and are led by their emotions.

I think the world would be a much better place if we had voting licenses much like we had driver’s licenses.  It would consist of multiple choice questions testing one’s ability in English, American History, Math, Economics, and knowledge of the US Constitution.  Representatives are reflective of the population that elects them, idiot people will elect low quality representatives, if we want a better government we need better people voting, to get that we need something better than a government schooled moron who only knows he can vote himself the paychecks of others.

– 6 packs of champagne would be cool.  The bottles could be the size of beer bottles and you could get a better buzz than from beer and not have to open a big bottle of the stuff.

– On that note we should have alcohol delivery services.  I’ve seen, on many occasions, a party where you run out of beer/booze and everyone wants to keep the party going so someone goes out to buy more booze but unfotunately that someone is usually too drunk to safely drive.  I am informed that this is legal in Massachusetts (to my surprise) but is likely illegal in many other places.  Unfortunately this country suffers from too much of a Puritan mindset that has us believing that something will cease to exist if we just ignore it.

–  Go out to eat at Whole Foods!  They have a food bar that has many dishes that are better than the food I’ve had at many restaurants, and you’ll probably get out for less than you’d wind up paying at a restaurant.  An extra bonus is that you’d be giving business to a company that is being boycotted by socialists that want the government to take over health care.

– Is Matt Cassel overpaid?  I find it ironic that many people claim that to be the case, lets look at the numbers on their respective contracts (adjusted on a 5 year scale)

Matt Stafford, 34 million guaranteed, potential of 65 million

Mark Sanchez, 28 Million guaranteed, potential of 60 million

Matt Cassel, 30 million guaranteed, potential of 50 million

Ok, so Cassel’s deal was under what Stafford got and comprable to what Sanchez got, so Cassel was given what the going rate for rookie QBs who have never thrown a pass in the NFL yet Cassel turned in a season with better numbers than the NFL MVP Peyton Manning, who was also invited to the Pro-Bowl.  Taking this into account I’m amazed how one can think Cassel is overpaid.

– Would Tim Tebow make a great tight end in the NFL?  Ok, many people don’t see Tebow as a good potential NFL QB, which I agree with, but somehow they think he’d make a great tight end?  He’s a QB, so he has experience running and throwing, yet a tight end blocks and catches, which he does none of.  So he’d be good at one position because he’s demonstrated the skills to do the opposite of what that position requires?  I’m sorry but that makes no sense.  People only mention the tight end thing because of his height and build, which is stupid, would I make a great QB because I’m 6’4 (assuming I could get down to 230lbs)?

I do hope that Tebow can be a success in the NFL, and I think he’d make a great addition to the Patriots, but he’d need a LOT of improvement to be a legitimate QB and he really hasn’t improved the skills necessary to be a QB at the NFL level.  I see him more as a running back/fullback

– Horay! Susan Atkins is no longer stealing my oxygen.  This piece of crap was a follower of Charles Manson and murdered pregnant actress Sharon Tate.  When she was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer she requested to be released, which was thankfully turned down.  I could not care less if she was no longer a threat to society, she has gotten off easy by not being killed in the same manner she murdered Tate.  Good riddance to bad rubbish.


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