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I previously mentioned that I would prefer to see new faces in movies,  one important reason being that you could more easily get into the character being portrayed because the actor wouldn’t bring the association of all the other characters they’ve played, there is another side of that coin through, situations where you WANT those associations.  Case in point: “Into the storm”, this was made by HBO and is a sequel to the movie about Winston Churchill titled “The Gathering Storm” starring Albert Finney as Churchill and Vanessa Redgrave as Clementine Churchill.

For some reason they decided to cast Brendon Gleeson as Churchill and Janet McTeer as Clementine Churchill, and while both of them did a very good job as the characters they simply could not compare to Finney and Redgrave, who had a fantastic chemistry, so much so that you can understand why people that knew the Churchills remarked about how unusually intense their relationship was.  When you watched Finney portray Churchill you could totally see him as a larger than life person, whose amazing will and charisma could inspire people to follow him into hell, yet you also saw him as being extremely human and vulnerable.  Gleeson did a very good technical job portraying Churchill, he nailed the voice and I didn’t think of him as other people he played in movies, just Churchill, but he didn’t bring any of the amazing elements Finney did which made him such a memorable character.  One of the people that served directly under Churchill said of working with him during the war “It was an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything, but I would never do it again”, Gleeson didn’t deliver that, Finney had it in spades.

My question is why they didn’t just hire Finney and Redgrave for the sequel?  It’s not as though they have packed acting schedules or command huge money for their work.  Seriously, you wouldn’t hire someone other than Ahhnold to play Conan in 1983, wouldn’t that transfer over to other actors that so embody a character?


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