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A stitch in time saves an ounce of heat before the cart?

Or is it “don’t put the kitchen before the horse”?  Hmm, maybe if there was a more logical order to those pieces of sayings they might make more sense, order is important, algebraic equations depend completely upon a certain order (PEMDAS), so why is it that NFL personnel guys can’t figure this out?  All the time we see crappy teams select a QB in the first round and expect him to turn their team around but the only thing they wind up being successful at is destroying those QBs.

If a team doesn’t have a quality offensive line the QB is going to get the shit pounded out of him, probably not a good thing for a kid who is trying to get used to a game that is being played in warp speed compared to the college football he just spent the past 3-4 years in.  Not any different from Pavolvian conditioning, the QB will simply develop panic whenever he’s not injured.  The best QB in the world (Tom Brady) will not be very effective if the defensive linemen are sacking him every play (NY Giants).  Similarly, if the defense knows you don’t have a very good running game they can put more players into pass coverage and not have to worry, so now the QB is less likely to complete passes and is more likely to throw an interception.  Case in point, the Detroit Lions drafted Matt Stafford in the first pick of the 2009 draft and then threw him behind a weak offensive line, now he has a messed up knee.   

It seems that people get intoxicated by the “quick and easy” line of thinking that permeates late night infomercials: “Now you can turn your franchise around in one quick and easy step by drafting a QB”!.  That sounds a whole lot nicer than getting a servicable QB while beefing up your line and running game BEFORE getting the QB who you intend to be The Guy.  My good friend Angelo has made not of the extreme demand for high quality QBs in the NFL and the lack of guys to go around, if teams were less stupid about how they build their offense there would be a lot more quality QBs to go around because they wouldn’t be getting wreaked on a crappy offense.

While many of us in New England have long held Patriots director of personnel Scott Pioli in high regard he traded for Matt Cassel and then given him a nutjob rookie coach on a shitty team and expected him to make miracles.  Cassel produced very nicely here in New England, now in Kansas City he’s not looking too good, imagine that, he has no offensive line and running game.  Pioli has taken someone who was looking like a rising star in the league and is setting him up for destruction.  I’m pissed that Cassel didn’t go to Denver with Josh McDaniels, who is turning Kyle Orton into a decent QB and winning games despite all the “experts” claiming that the Broncos were set to self-destruct.  It would have been really cool seeing Denver become New England West but they screwed it all up. 

It never ceases to amaze me how people can rise very high and make millions while being complete idiots.  Case in point, the Patriots running game: when everyone except Lawrence Maroney gets the ball in their hands good things tend to happen, when Maroney gets the ball get gets stuffed at the line or loses yards, yesterday against the Ravens he had 7 carries for 6 yards, why does Belichick still keep this guy?


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