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Land for Peace?

A while back the Israeli government had a policy with the Palestinian Liberation Organization (Arab terrorists) known as land for peace, the basic idea was that the Israeli’s would make concessions of land in exchange for the PLO to cease their violent activities.  While I don’t think there will ever be peace in the Middle East (seriously, Jesus, Moses, and Mohammad went to the same high school) It certainly can get worse than it is, and having a government back a policy that is insane is a good way to start.

Ok, by promising land for ceasing violence you’re telling the violent people that violence is an effective means of getting what they want, and if whatever level of violence means the other side offers X in concessions, it would only stand to reason that by increasing the amount of violence the other side would increase their concessions.  I would think anyone with a half-functioning brain could figure this out.

The only appropriate way to respond to a violent action is to make sure the side initiating the violent action will be hurt so much as a result that it no longer makes sense to go on that path.  That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to respond with violence, maybe cutting off trade & investment will hurt them worse than sending tanks in, the key point is that they must know that being bad will cost them more than they can afford.  The pain, or fear or pain, is what will make someone alter their own behavior, just like pleasure or the hope of pleaure will also cause people to change their actions.

While the situation in Israel has changed since “land for peace” was all the rage people everywhere seem to do things every bit as illogical as that policy, hoping to pacify aggressors by rewarding them for their actions, and it’ll fail every time.   



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