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This is getting annoying

I’m beyond sick and tired of watching the Patriots go out of their way to lose games.

My gripes:

– The over reliance on Welker. One of the things that made the 07 offense so deadly was the dual threat of Welker and Moss, this also opened up opportunities for other people to get the ball.  Moss is becoming just another guy, it’s becoming the Brady-Welker show. We’ve become predictable, forget about spreading the ball around so the opposing defense doesn’t know who to focus on, kind of like how New Orleans spreads the ball around.

– No Creativity: we have 2 receivers who used to be QBs in college but we don’t ever mix things up with them and have them throw the ball to a defense who doesn’t expect it. We’re just plain vanilla at this point. I had hoped we would pick up Tarvaris Jackson when he becomes a free agent at the end of this season but it would probably be pointless because we wouldn’t use him in creative ways to exploit his multidimensionality.

– Brady is not the Brady of old, he’s no longer an elite QB, he plays that way on occasion but is not consistent, lately he’s been making some very foolish decisions by trying to force the ball. His downfield accuracy is also a bit off, Drew Brees demonstrated what amazing passing was last Monday, while Brady threw interceptions where wasn’t a Patriots receiver wasn’t even close. I don’t know if Brady’s head is elsewhere because his wife is pregnant but he pales in comparison to what he was in 07.

– Bad coaching: maybe Belichick has lost his edge but he hasn’t gone for it when we’ve had all the momentum yet the times he has gone for it he takes Moss and Faulk out of the play?

– No heart: it seems that the team isn’t that interested in winning games anymore, just playing the first half.

– As for the defense, I don’t think I need to say anything on that one.

– The O-line. It’s been obvious that there were issues since the middle of 07 as far as I can tell, and they were completely exposed in the Superbowl. Why hasn’t this been addressed? Vollmer has been awesome when he’s been in but he’s been hurt the last 2 games. We also have issues at right tackle, and we failed to upgrade there by letting Michael Oher go to Baltimore when we could have had him at 23. While some may make the argument that we could not have gotten what we did in the 2nd round by not trading with Baltimore I don’t think that would have been a problem if we didn’t give away Cassel and Vrabel for a measly 2nd round pick. OTOH, Denver got two first round picks, a 3rd & 5th round pick, and a QB in exchange for Jay Cutler.


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  1. great stuff, keep it going!

    Comment by TJ | December 9, 2009 | Reply

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