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‘Where have you gone…Mr. TFB…you’re simply not the same without your brain’

I was most disturbed by a recent commercial that Tom Brady did supporting “Earth Hour”, he wants us to turn off our lights from 8:30-9:30 on March 27th to send a message regarding ‘climate change’.

There are 2 main things about this that piss me off, 1) I sincerely doubt he did even the slightest amount of research regarding “climate change’ before publicly taking a position on the issue, and putting my money where my mouth is in true Caveman style I hereby challenge Brady to a public debate on the issue.  The 2nd thing I’m angry about is that I also believe the main reason why he agreed to do the commercial was the insistence of wife.

Ok, just for the record let it be known that “climate change” has been occurring for as long as their has been a climate, it’s nothing new, so stating that “there has been definite climate change” doesn’t prove anything in dispute but it will likely persuade people who haven’t bothered to research the issue.  If you want to convince me that because of “climate change” we need to take drastic measures that radically alter our way of life then you bear the burden of proving that the RATE of CLIMATE CHANGE is UNPRECEDENTED!

That’s right, the people making the claim bear the burden of proof, that’s how science works.  I don’t bear the burden of proving that URC (Unprecedented Rate Change) doesn’t exist any more than I bear the burden of proving that you don’t have a fire breathing dragon in your garage.  Imagine the kind of world we’d live in if claims were taken as truth unless they were actively disproved: you’d be guilty of any crime you were accused of unless you had evidence you didn’t do it, good luck.

Anyway, back to Brady-bashing, if one is going to take a stand on an issue one bears the responsibility for the effects of taking that stand.  When we consider that many of the proposed laws claimed to combat “climate change” would essentially reduce the US standard of living far beneath that of Mexico and would give the government almost unlimited power to prosecute you for almost any action.

I didn’t find this commercial amusing but I did find it damn scary, is this a glimpse of a future where we accept the Man Made Global Warming theory (MMGW) without bothering to question it’s legitimacy?  So, if a tyrannical government like this results at least in part to Brady’s activities then he would be responsibility for our loss of freedom, did you bother to give that an ounce of thought Tom, or did Giselle just run her fingers through your hair, which is SORELY in need of a barber, and you just did what she wanted?

That made me wonder what else he’s been doing at her whim: maybe walking her pathetic excuse for a dog (if a “dog” is not capable of ripping an intruder’s throat out it’s not a dog, it’s an overgrown rat) or going grocery shopping for her.  Last time I checked they’re rich, don’t they have “people” for those sorts of mundane things?  Instead of taking the time to walk Giselle’s “dog” or dealing with the hassle of being mobbed by paparazzi Brady could have been rehabbing/training, studying film, etc, you know, doing things that would enable him to actually play like a professional.

Seeing how his performance this season was very unBrady-like, with him consistently failing late in the game and him throwing some of the absolute worst interceptions of his career, like right into the hands of the defender with his receiver not anywhere close to the ball.  To be completely fair he has very inconsistent protection but many of the hits he’s taken have been due to him not moving where/when he should have, but that doesn’t excuse many of the awful decisions he’s made.

I also wonder if his bad protection might be due to other players no longer believing in him like they used to.  After he won his first Superbowl when companies were coming out of the woodwork asking him to do endorsements he insisted that his Offensive Line had to be included, those companies refused and Brady never buckled, only when they saw that Brady wouldn’t budge did they give in and include his linemen.  That was long ago, lately Brady has not only long abandoned his policy of making sure his O-line get some of the spotlight but he doesn’t even wear a Patriots hat in public, he wears a fucking ridiculous “TB12” hat.

What's the matter, Tommy, is a Patriots hat not good enough for you?

At this point I really have to wonder about his ability to think critically: I’m thinking that if you actually want to enjoy an afternoon with your family and not have a pack of reporters following you and taking pictures then maybe it’s not a good idea to wear a hat which essentially says “I’m TOM BRADY”!  A simple Red Sox hat would increase one’s chances of anonymity while in the Boston area.

I suppose it also didn’t occur to him how important sleep is to someone in his line of work.  Before the game against the Texans this season reporters asked if his accumulated injuries were affecting his play to which he responded that ‘they weren’t, that his biggest issue these days was getting enough sleep after his son was born’.  Umm, excuse me, why are you getting up in the middle of the night to tend to your son?  Remember, you’re rich, you have “people”, right, if not you can afford to hire a nanny.  If you aren’t comfortable with that why don’t you tell Giselle to get her ass out of bed to take care of the kid?  Why not, it’s not like she has a job where she could be crippled for life if she’s not at the top of her game.

Unfortunately I think we’ve seen the best of Tom Brady and we’re going to be generally disappointed in him if he finishes out his career in New England, he just doesn’t seem to be willing/capable of doing what is necessary to be an elite QB.  I hope like hell that I’m wrong and am completely over-reacting but he doesn’t seem like the person he used to be, not only does the passion seem to be gone but the leadership seems vacant as well.

When the Patriots were getting their asses kicked by the Ravens during the first playoff game it was NOT Brady leading that team, it was Kevin Faulk who was the heart and soul of an ultimately failed effort.  BTW, Thank God the team re-signed Faulk, he might never have been invited to the Pro-Bowl but a statute should be made of him in Patriot Place when he retires for what he’s done for the team.  I think it’s also worthy of note that Patriots like Faulk, Troy Brown, and Tedy Bruschi are not and have never attempted to be celebrities, they’re football players.

Kevin Faulk - A true Patriot!

So, I think that TFB is gone and we will not win another Superbowl as long as he’s with the team, we might occasionally see flashes of TFB but he won’t ever be the player he once was.  I’m officially on the Tebow bandwagon, while his skillset will need some serious work in order to function on the NFL level I believe he has the determination needed in spades, and that while he’s certainly not a lock to deliver a Superbowl (no one is a lock for that matter) our chances will ultimately be better with him rather than Brady.  Even if you don’t think Tebow is a good fit the Patriots should start seriously looking for a replacement QB.


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Sometimes it just doesn’t matter how good your Kung-Fu is.

So we have Ben Roethlisberger, who was intelligent enough to crash his motorcycle while not wearing a helmet and then play a football game soon afterwards, later create a situation where a woman who worked at a hotel (possibly a hooker) accused him in civil court of rape.  Even though the accusation seemed rather odd (she accused him in Civil Court but didn’t file Criminal charges or even talk to the police), it’s still a black mark on him and probably cost him more than a few dollars on endorsements.
Given this history you might think that Roethlisberger would have the good sense to keep a low profile, if the spirit moved him perhaps he could just hire a hooker while claiming to be “John Smith” but instead he goes to a high-profile strip club with a few buddies and *poof* there is now a criminal complaint against him.  He might have even been better off claiming to be “Ron Mexico” but that’s a different debate.
Assuming he’s innocent, even though he has hired a high-profile lawyer to defend him he’ll still be bled by the whole process, even with the best lawyer and PR team ever assembled he will not come out of this situation as good as if he just avoided it in the first place.   I don’t care if you’re the most badass Kung-Fu master ever who could make Pai Mei squeal like a 5yr old on the receiving end of an Indian Burn, my money is on the Mort Goldman clone who has the good sense to avoid walking through Harlem after the Knicks lose.
Also, even though there is not the slightest bit of evidence proving it, Roethlisberger IS the love child of 80’s movie actor Donald Gibb.

Yes, I fathered Roethlisberger but not with Van Damme.

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