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Sometimes it just doesn’t matter how good your Kung-Fu is.

So we have Ben Roethlisberger, who was intelligent enough to crash his motorcycle while not wearing a helmet and then play a football game soon afterwards, later create a situation where a woman who worked at a hotel (possibly a hooker) accused him in civil court of rape.  Even though the accusation seemed rather odd (she accused him in Civil Court but didn’t file Criminal charges or even talk to the police), it’s still a black mark on him and probably cost him more than a few dollars on endorsements.
Given this history you might think that Roethlisberger would have the good sense to keep a low profile, if the spirit moved him perhaps he could just hire a hooker while claiming to be “John Smith” but instead he goes to a high-profile strip club with a few buddies and *poof* there is now a criminal complaint against him.  He might have even been better off claiming to be “Ron Mexico” but that’s a different debate.
Assuming he’s innocent, even though he has hired a high-profile lawyer to defend him he’ll still be bled by the whole process, even with the best lawyer and PR team ever assembled he will not come out of this situation as good as if he just avoided it in the first place.   I don’t care if you’re the most badass Kung-Fu master ever who could make Pai Mei squeal like a 5yr old on the receiving end of an Indian Burn, my money is on the Mort Goldman clone who has the good sense to avoid walking through Harlem after the Knicks lose.
Also, even though there is not the slightest bit of evidence proving it, Roethlisberger IS the love child of 80’s movie actor Donald Gibb.

Yes, I fathered Roethlisberger but not with Van Damme.


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