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What the hell is wrong with people on Facebook?

I think SouthPark summed it up with this clip quite nicely.  

I look at facebook as a way to communicate with friends and to get in touch with people who I’ve lost touch with, I really don’t understand this need to “friend” people for it’s own sake.  For instance, a few months back I got a friend request from someone I knew in grade school and then didn’t have much to do with in high school and virtually no contact since.  I accepted the request and we exchanged a few pleasantries, no big deal, but then they sent me multiple invites to support their spouse.  Keep in mind I never met the spouse, don’t know a thing about their politics,  nor live in the state they’re in, why would they ask for my support?

I might be a bit old school here but I don’t see how you can “support” people you know nothing about and still have you’re word count for anything.  That being said, what kind of a person asks a person to support someone they don’t know, and does so being fully aware that person A doesn’t know Politician X?

Sorry but Facebook is kinda getting out of hand, one’s value in internetland does not determine one’s value in the real world.


The changing of the guard has occurred, Thai food is now the King!

Those of you who are familiar with our tastes here at PlanetCaveman know that we’re unrepentant carnivores, and because of that we have a deep fondness for Portuguese/Brazilian BBQ joints, and while they still hold a very special place in my heart I am forced to now conclude that Thai food is better, there is simply much more variation with Thai food which make for more interesting tastes.  Thai food still allows one to go the Caveman route and have the meal be overwhelmingly meat, meat is simply a very small portion in most restaurants because the people running them are cheap, and they also tend to be much smaller than most Anglos, hence the smaller portion.

If you’re in the Boston area I wholeheartedly recommend Chilli Duck and Brown Sugar, there are also great smaller places but you have to look around a bit because they can vary quite a bit in quality and value.

I recently had a papaya salad called Som Tum, which was easily one of the most interesting and without a doubt THE spiciest dish I’ve ever eaten, there was such an interesting contrast of tastes that made it irresistible to eat despite making my mouth numb for 30 minutes after I ate it.  If they can manage to calm down on the spiciness a bit I think it would be magnificent.

So, if you can find a quality Thai place serving real Thai food give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.


If it’s done in Mass it’s done half-ass.

Yep, that pretty much sums up just about any type of government activity but here in Massachusetts we take pride in our government being more incompetent than others.  Lately I’ve become rather incised at the traffic I deal with in my commute, while simple congestion is part of it that problem is tremendously aggravated by constant and shitty construction projects.  I know the reason for it, it allows the government to spend money and it lines the pockets of the unions who do (or rather DON’T do) the construction.

I really wish democrats would just once grow the balls to have a little consistency, think about the amount of gas wasted when cars are just sitting on the highway like a parking lot, that can’t be good for the environment.  Doesn’t it also take money out of the hands of the working people who have to piss away their time and gas by sitting there?


Tom Brady won’t play in New England after 2010.

If the knee injury wasn’t enough, or the 22k square foot house he’s building in LA, you really don’t need to look much farther than his constant slip into celebrity world.  Barry Bonds is a fucking racist steroid loving scumbag and to see the future former #12 joking around with him like old buddies makes me kinda sick.


We’re part Neanderthal!

C’mon, do you really think those of us at PlanetCaveman are disappointed at this revelation?  Embrace your inner caveman, you’ll be healthier, wealthier, and wiser for having done so.

LUKE, I AM YOUR FATHER...well, more like your great grandfather 1000 generations beforehand...but we're still related, kinda.


The one true faith?

This is something that has pissed me off for a long time, there really is nothing like an arrogant asshole who won’t hesitate to tell you why you’re a piece of crap for not adhering to “the one true faith”, and for some reason everyone is always convinced that it’s their faith that’s the right one, despite the fact that all the other groups think the same way.

Anyway, do “true” and “faith” actually jive?

“True” means ‘consistent with fact or reality’, this is usually ascertained by observing reality, if I want to find out the rate of acceleration due to gravity I can grab a stopwatch and drop something from a high place, that’s how we know something’s true.  Now, let’s take a look at faith, it’s “a belief not based in fact”, by it’s very definition a faith cannot be true, if you have verifiable proof of something it’s no longer faith.

Look at it this way, if Jesus appeared out of thin air and revealed himself to you do you really think you’d deserve credit for believing in him after that?  I mean, maybe a little if not for having some common sense, seriously who wants to piss off a guy that can turn you into a barrel of wine?


Endorsement time!

Be sure to check out

It’s 100% organic with no high-fructose corn syrup or democrats added.


Epic Quote

“Pride is a poor substitute for intelligence”

– Lt. Col. Podovsky


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