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What did the Jihadi say to the Mexican on Cinco de Mayo?

Intimidation works…if you dealing with pussies.

Most of you probably know that for the first time since it’s been on air Comedy Central has censored South Park, I’m not talking about bleeping an F-bomb or anything like that, they bleeped out a 30 second speech by Stan, the part where one of the kids explains the moral of the story, in this case his speech was about not giving in to a bully’s demands because it will only make that bully more likely to bully you.  That’s because you’re essentially telling the bully that bullying works, that being the case why not do more of it?  This is the reason why Israel’s “land for peace” idea was not only stupid in theory but it was a disaster in practice as well.

It seems that the current opinion of those in the entertainment world is to stick their heads in the sand and make any critical talk of Islam verboten.

What is especially ironic about this is that many people in the entertainment industry are Jewish, and Jews are likely to be the 1st targets of Islamic violence.  Take a look at what’s happening in Europe, Jews are routinely being attacked by the growing number of Muslims there.  I would hope common sense would overcome Jews and they’d be adamant about not giving into the demands of radical Muslims but I guess common sense isn’t in style this season.

Ironically it seems that the only common sense being applied is by a bunch of shithead Mexicans, who are unfortunately taking up space and air in the US, they’ve seen that making demands usually gets others to cave and they to decided aggressively demand that no student in their high school be allowed to wear clothes with an American flag on Cinco de Mayo.  One of the Mexican students, Annicia Nunez, said “I think they should apologize cause it is a Mexican Heritage Day, we don’t deserve to be get disrespected like that”.

Ok, so because the Mexican’s beat the French at a battle in Mexico in 1862 it’s disrespectful for an American to wear an American flag in 2010, what the fuck does one have to do with the other?  I wonder what would happen if a “Mexican-American” had decided to burn an American flag, on Cinco de Mayo, the 4th of July or any other day.  I would bet you’d see liberals come out of the woodwork to support their right to self-expression.

What makes this even more interesting is that Assistant Principal Miguel Rodriguez claims to have told the students to turn their shirts inside out was to avoid violence, Rodriguez told the students he did not want any fights to break out between Mexican-American students celebrating their heritage and those wearing American flags.

So instead of punishing any aggressors who start fights the solution is to tell the American students to turn in their shirts?  Why are the Mexicans allowed to wave the Mexican flag and paint their faces, why not tell them to lower their colors to avoid conflict?  Incidentally, if celebrating Cindo de Mayo really is about celebrating Mexican culture why are they waving a political flag?  A nation’s flag represents the regime in charge of a country, that’s why the Russian flag is different than the Soviet one, this doesn’t have anything to do with culture.  On that note I also have an issue with people waving the Irish flag here on St Patrick’s day, a Shamrock flag would be expressing the Irish culture, not the Irish state.

Cheer up kid, you have a lot of Guinness, potatoes, and fights to look forward to.

Finally, why are Mexicans who find the American flag offensive even here?  It’s obvious that they’re Mexicans and not Americans, so why don’t they go back there?  This is different from an American who might be of Mexican background, I have no problem with them and neither does anyone I know.  Liberals love to claim that Americans, especially non-Democrats, are racist.

Could it be that many Americans don’t like shitheads from other countries coming to our’s who then tell us to bend over for them? That’s all about not liking a rude asshole, it has nothing to do with the person’s racial phenotyope.  It’s especially rude considering the entire reason those Mexicans are here is because Mexico is a poverty stricken shithole and this is a MUCH better place to live, I wonder if that might have something to do with having too many ignorant and macho Mexicans in Mexico.

Anyway, so what can you do about this?  For starters I recommend posting this picture of Mohammad on your website.  The more people that do so the more the message will be sent that we won’t be intimidated by Jihadis expecting us to bend over for them.  I would also recommend wearing t-shirts with Americans flags on them for the same reason.  If any of you have any suggestions feel free to voice them.

America, Fuck Yeah!


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