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Self-defense tips from Planet Caveman

1 – Don’t piss off people if you don’t have to.

Yeah, the old guy down the block might be a bit nutty but that just makes even more reason why you shouldn’t cross paths with him, especially if it means allowing your dog to piss on his lawn.  For the record, the old guy has no right to shoot the other guy because of the dog pissing on his lawn, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.  Here’s a nasty joke: what’s the difference between men’s and women’s self-defense?  You don’t need to tell the man not to jog through the park at 3am.

Yes, a woman is completely within her rights to jog through that park but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea, unfortunately reality doesn’t magically conform to the way we think it should be, don’t fight it, just accept it and you’ll be better off.

If someone wanted to wear a Klan robe while walking through Harlem most people would probably think he’s a fucking idiot, but somehow many people don’t get that generally being a dick isn’t a stupid idea.  To quote Vinnie Antonelli from “My Blue Heaven”: Why make war?

Who knew I was a self-defense expert?

2 – Don’t bring strangers into your home.

If you’re going to sell something of significant value it would be best to do it away from your home, ideally with some backup in a public place, and you’d take an alternate route home to make sure no one’s following you.  The basic idea is that every person is a potential attacker, this doesn’t mean that you should view everyone else as a bad guy, that would mean living in a paranoid state your entire life which is not very productive, but it’s a good idea to keep in mind that people, especially one’s you don’t know very well, could be an aggressor.

3 – Criminals are not looking for challenges, they’re looking for victims.

It pays to keep a low profile, one is less likely to attract attention by driving a Toyota to the mall as opposed to a brand new convertible Mercedes, flashing one’s wealth will only attract unwanted attention.  It also pays to be and look like you’re aware of your surroundings, being engrossed in a  phone call or your Ipod while you’re walking around makes you look like an easy target.

I once spoke with drug addict who admitted to robbing and beating hundreds of people over a few decades, he also had an astonishingly high rate of “scores (people who had a lot of money on them).  His secret: he went for the easy targets who looked like they had something on them, people who had a worried uneasiness about them in their movements and facial expressions.  People who looked like they just didn’t care but took note of their surroundings were not worth the trouble they were likely to cause, so they were left alone.

Ok, there you have it, free self-protection advice that can be gleamed from your everyday news sources, the truth is that amazing lessons are available everywhere in life, you just need to be open to them in order to learn.


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