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Immigration reform – Caveman style

For anyone that hasn’t been hiding under a rock the past few years would know that immigration has been a hot topic lately, unfortunately and as usual there has been plenty of bullshit thrown around and very little truth in the discussion, so today I will serve a thousand points of no baloney regarding immigration.

Ok, so what it the hype about?  In general there are plenty of people coming to the US to take advantage of the possibility for a better life here than in their own countries, this should be no surprise considering that most of the immigrant’s homelands are 3rd world Socialist shitholes (3rd world and Socialist shithole tend to go together a lot, don’t they?).  Socialism has turned Russia, East Germany, China, Vietnam, Cuba, etc, into impoverished tyrannies that people risk their lives to get out of, so should we open our doors to all of them?

The problem comes when those people who want to come here start demanding all sorts of government handouts that will result in The USA becoming a Socialist shithole just like the place they’re coming from, this happens all the time when Massholes (people from Massachusetts) come to NH to escape the oppressive taxation in Massachusetts and then they start demanding all sorts of government “services” be provided to them.  Personally I’d like to welcome these people at the border with a baseball bat and a shovel, if someone doesn’t even have the basic level of intelligence to see that getting “free” stuff from the government really just means you’re robbing others who wouldn’t fund those projects willingly then I don’t see what good can come from having such morons as neighbors.

Yeah, we don't have any use for you, please go home.

It doesn’t have to do with race, I’d be just as willing to do my best Bear Jew impression for a pale Irish guy from Southie as I would be for a Mexican, and I don’t think race is the main issue for most people who want the Feds to actually enforce immigration laws, it has to do with economics and culture.  For starters, why would I want more people in the country is my taxes go up as a result of them?  The simple fact is that most Mexicans coming here are poor, this doesn’t make them bad but it will very likely mean that those here will have to pay the tab on the education, medical, and other government expenses that Americans will have to pick up the tab on.

Now, some people will claim that this is a bad argument because those cheap labor illegals are performing a service since the supply of those services has increased relative to demand that the price for that service has declined and that Americans would have to pay higher prices for those goods/services if the illegals were to leave.  This is actually true, having cheap illegals does makes the price of those services less expensive, but what those people are unfortunately leaving out of the equation is 1) the price of government for those illegals, and 2) the decreased wages that the American underclass can command for that unskilled labor.

Anything provided by the government is always more expensive that if that product were provided by the market,  this why education, healthcare, court and prison costs we need to pay quickly outweigh any economic benefit we might obtain by having illegals work cheaply here, it very quickly becomes a net negative.  Those government expenses must also be taken into account for Americans here, whose wages for many unskilled labor positions have actually decreased over the last decade, this is especially shocking considering the degree of inflation we’ve actually had in the US (as opposed to what Ben Bernanke claims we’ve had).

So, suppose wages for a position go up $500/month for a position, if that means we can get someone off of welfare that means we don’t have to pay them $2,500/month, a net gain of $2,000 saved.  That seems like a pretty damn good deal to me.

Ok, now that we’ve addressed the economic issue let’s take a look at the cultural one and leave out the bullshit: we want the people that want to be on our team, we don’t want people who are going to demand that we accommodate them.  I have no interest in paying extra taxes so that children who only speak Spanish can have separate classes in Spanish.  Aside from wasting extra money (always ranking very high on the government’s list) the only reason to give Spanish speaking children classes in Spanish is to keep them from learning English.

It is beyond dispute that the best way to learn a language in the shortest amount of time is to completely immerse them in the new language, when the CIA wants to get a spy speaking a new language in record time they immerse them in it, it just plain works.  It’s also inspiring/depressing that I’m met many immigrants who have come to the US not speaking a lick of English, who after 5 years here can speak significantly better English than many people who have lived here their entire lives.

We don’t want to become Northern Mexico or even Sweden or Pakistan for that matter, we don’t like to hear about assholes taking down the US flag so a Mexican flag can be raised in it’s place or some Jihadi piece of shit who did an honor killing on his daughter, this is America and we don’t do that shit here.  If you want to be on our team you need to pay the price, and that means speaking the fucking language and simply dealing with it if someone wants to draw Mohammad.

I wonder what their stance is on the 1st Amendment

If people want the prosperity that America offers they can 1) change their own government/culture to become more like us or 2) they can follow our rules and come into America through the front door.

So, how should we reform immigration policy?  For starters we should streamline the process for people we want to bring in, I know a LOT of immigrants and have seen, firsthand, all the hoops that need to jump through to satisfy Uncle Sam, a simpler and faster process means that people can come in and start generating wealth that much faster.

Next, our criteria and priority for who we allow in should be based on what they bring to the table.  If a potential immigrant is college educated, speaks English, has family here, can put money into an escrow account in case we need to later deport them, and is a neurosuregon who will be making 400k/year, step to the front of the line.  Someone who doesn’t speak English and is only skilled at cutting grass, back of the line, we already have people who can do that job.

The simple fact is that we cannot accommodate unlimited immigration, that being the case we need to distinguish between those who can do the most good for the country and everyone else.

And finally, the last piece of the immigration puzzle is 1) cut off any government benefits to illegals and 2) to fine the shit out of companies that knowingly employ illegals, trying to deport all the illegals would be terribly costly and is a bad idea, if the Feds simply fined every company that knowingly employs illegals 25k/violation they would fire them in short order, no work to do means the only option is to go back to their home country.

That’s it in a nutshell, take those steps and the problem goes away, but until we demand that representatives (that’s right, REPRESENTatives, they represent us, they’re not “lawmakers”) look out for our interests and not their own corrupt power politics we will simply get more of the same nonsense.


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