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July randomness

– Humidity sucks!  In colder weather one can just put on an additional garment and you’re all set, it also spurns activity (the body will naturally want to move in order to generate heat).  It is just rather annoying when you’re sweating from all the various cracks and crevices in your body, I really look forward to Fall, not only is the weather civilized but it’s also FOOTBALL SEASON!

Oh Fall, how I miss thee.

– On that note, the NFL needs some serious help, while being on of the best organizations on the planet it’s showing signs of falling apart.  I guess it’s up to the folks here at PlanetCaveman to save the day:

– A new collective bargaining agreement is needed that has a rookie salary cap.  You have a broken system when rookies who have never played a single down in the league are going to sign for more money than has ever been paid to a QB, including those that have won multiple Superbowls.  This system prevents money from going to players that aren’t stars but who provide the unglamorous core of the team.

The league would be vastly better off if every rookie made the league minimum for the first year, with the ability for the team to renegotiate after year 1.  If the team didn’t want to renegotiate after year y chose not to then the player should be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the 2nd year, with the 2nd year salary being equal to what a 3rd player currently makes.

This would not only allow teams to make MUCH better decisions regarding monies paid to a player, throwing dozens of millions on first round busts like JaMarcus Russell would cease, allowing that money to go to other players who’ve proven themselves.

It would also allow teams to trade out of those early spots on the draft with ease.  The NFL claims to value parity among the teams but it clearly hasn’t worked, certain teams are consistently at the top of the league year after year and many of the same teams are still at the bottom.  One of the reasons for this is because right now teams don’t want to trade down to those very early spots because they’ll have to pay an absolute ton to those players.  If the financial costs was a non-issue a team would readily trade down to insure they get the players they want exchanging lower round picks in the process.

Having a bunch more picks would then allow those bad teams to fill their many holes much easier, thus allowing them to become competitive much quicker.  Take the Detroit Lions for instance, in the past 2 years they’ve given monster contracts to the #1 and #2 picks, this means a ton of money is being paid to very few players leaving very little to put in other places.

– That being said, most teams draft completely ass backwards.  What do I mean by this?  Suppose you live in the ghetto and wanted to get a rolls royce, how long will it take before it’s wreaked and/or stolen?  Maybe it would make more sense to buy a place in the suburbs and get Toyota in the mean time while you’re waiting for the new house to be completed.  When a team spends tons of money and rick on a rookie QB but doesn’t have an Offensive line to protect him he’s just going to get beaten like a rented mule.

This will not only make the QB physically less able to perform like you want him to but it’ll also mess him up mentally/emotionally, with all that fear reactivity in his head he’s not going to do what it takes to win but rather he’ll play to avoid getting hurt, which usually just leaves them getting hurt worse in addition to being ineffective.  Think David Carr.

If you want your team to win then you should build from the line out, this means beefing up your Offensive line, it’ll not only help allow the QB to throw the ball but it’ll also make the running game more effective, which by default forces the defense to keep more guys toward the line, opening up the backfield.

– What the hell is with all the MMA training that NFL players are doing, how exactly does grappling and punching bag work translate into football?  If you want to get them better then you need to find better ways of developing skills which translate into their play, case in point: Rob Gronkowski.  The Patriots drafted him despite him missing almost all of the 09 season due to a back injury, which he had surgery for.  Many scouts thought his movements were rather stiff, which knocked down his draft status, so what should one do with him to loosen his body (which will make him quicker and able to generate much more power)?

Thankfully the Patriots have not had him doing MMA training but they also haven’t had this guy do some training with the team.

Before you laugh remember that Hall of Fame receiver Lynn Swann was notorious for his ballet training, various dance training is among the best training one can do for coordinated strength.  I never did a gym workout that was a difficult as the few times I attempted to do some basic breakdancing, which forces the body to support its weight in many awkward positions.  Every talented breakdancer I’ve met has been strong as an ox.

Less time benchpressing and more time breaking, popping, and rave dancing would produce much more physically capable athletes.

– I’m tired of hearing about Tom Brady being unhappy that he doesn’t have a deal for next year.  I rather doubt that he even wants to be in New England next year, I think he’s just trying to create a situation where he looks like the good guy so he’ll have more leverage in getting to a west coast team.

If he holds out and decides not to go to training camp my respect for him will plummet, I don’t understand why players chose not to honor their contract because they want a new contract, which they then expect the team to honor.  If teams only give players raises when they do this then they’re getting what they deserve, the smart thing would be to give the raises to the guys that bust their ass and show up to camp and OTAs, bringing value to the team, and not caving in when players  hold out, reducing their value.

Anyway, I actually want them to trade him.  We did quite well with Matt Cassell as QB, who played much better at the end of the 08 season than Tom Brady played this season.  Trading Brady for a bunch of picks would allow the team to really get the building blocks of another dynasty.  We got him almost for free, went to 4 Superbowls with him, and then his knee got shredded and he’s been playing like crap and now wants huge money.

It was that the Patriots had balanced team that allowed them to win 3 superbowls, which turned Tom Brady into Tom FUCKING Brady. What is the point of giving him an enormous contract, when no one even knows what the salary cap will be, if it means the team is now top heavy with way too much money at the QB position, if it’ll ensure we no longer have a balanced team capable of going deep into the playoffs?

There’s little sense to throw giant money at a declining player, especially if it’ll cause that much harm to the team and when we can find someone to fill in good enough like we did with Cassel.  Maximize his trade value and ship him to the west coast where he wants to be, let’s start building the future.

– Kudos to Nick Mangold, Center for the NY Jets, who publicly stated that he would not hold out and would be at training camp.  Mangold is arguably the best Center in the NFL and he’s in the last year of his deal, while he has said that he wants an extension he values getting his team into the best possible position to win is more important.  THAT is the guy you give the extension to, lets see how competent the Jet’s management is.  All that being said, the guy has an awesome beard, all real O-linemen should have lumberjack beards.

Don't worry pal, the Patriots will sign you next year if the Jets give you the asshole.


In something totally unrelated it seems the down economy is bring out the stupidity in a lot of people.  I order some Thai food the other night and when I went to get it they were trying to charge me $3 more for a dish then they had listed on their website, which I refused to pay.  They claimed they needed to raise the price to deal with less business (again, due to the bad economy).  Ok, if you decide to charge more then maybe you should update your damn website.  Next, the more you charge the more it makes sense for me to get off my lazy behind and cook my own damn food.  I don’t really like going to the supermarket and cooking but it’s a helluva lot cheaper than going out or ordering take-out.  As the economy gets worse and worse I suspect we’ll see more of people doing it themselves, perhaps there’s some investment opportunity in that idea.


Does technology hurt us more than it helps us?

Since texting has become so common it seems that many people have lost the ability to actually speak on the phone, just today a female gave me her number but said that she probably won’t answer if I call her since she’s “not very good on the phone” but that she’ll be more than happy to text.  I don’t know about you but I find texting kinda annoying, it takes me a few minutes to text what it’ll take me seconds to say, so why are people so swept up in it?  I can understand that it makes one get to the damn point a lot quicker, I find it rather annoying when someone insists on telling a giant story before asking me for a favor, as though my pity for their situation will make me more likely to help them.

It seems to me that speaking on the phone is kind of like meeting them face to face but you don’t have the visual information, just the auditory information, which is a helluva lot more than you get from reading a damn email or text.  Speaking to the person also allows you to learn more about them in less lime than texting does.

People have been speaking to one another for as long as we’ve been able to speak, when one loses that ability or desire to speak in place of a damn text we’ve got some issues.


What the HELL has Heidi Montag done to herself?

This girl obviously has some issues, before her surgery I thought she was an attractive woman, very cute, but since her multiple surgeries she looks like a porn star Barbie doll.  She claims it was to enhance her career opportunities, the way I see it if she’s very talented as a singer/actress/whatever then she’s plenty attractive to succeed with her original looks, if she doesn’t have solid talent than all the implants in the world won’t make her successful.

Good luck, Heidi, I hope things work out.


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