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August rantings

– Converting in order to marry someone?

Ok, this is something that has been bothering me for quite some time: I don’t understand the how society seems to give a ‘thumbs up’ to people who change religions in order to marry someone.  It seems that few things could be more blatant a lie yet no one ever sees fit to call these people out as phonies.   

Suppose we have a Republican who wants to marry a Democrat, whose entire family are also Democrats, what would you think of the Republican that said “nope, I’m a Democrat now”?  I’d think that either 1) they really didn’t believe in what Republicans profess in the first place, or 2) deep down they do believe but are willing to live a lie in order to gain the acceptance of their new group that they want to fit in with. 

What does that say about them?  I think it’s rather pathetic that they feel the need to proclaim themselves something they obviously arent in order to get people to like them. 

What does it say about the new group they want to get in good with?  Either they’re 1) beyond stupid for actually believing that this person’s “conversion” is sincere, or 2) that deep down they don’t believe in their religion any more than the new “convert” does.  If you really believed in your faith why would you want someone making a mockery out of it by claiming to be an adherent when they so obviously “converted” simply out of utility rather than conviction? 

Also, what does it say about the relationship with one’s spouse, that is arguably the most important one a person will have?  That it can only exist if both parties mutually accept an obvious lie or are to dull to notice. 

I say we actually ask people if they actually believe their new religion any more than they apparently believed the old one, as their actions don’t exactly show a pattern of credibility.  It’s a very unfortunate state of affairs when people go through life without bothering to give the slightest bit of thought to how they’re living it. 

Summer weather still sucks

 I don’t think I need to really expand on this, it’s kinda obvious why sweating from your privates is uncomfortable, bring on the cold. 

– Football happenings

Ok, let’s start off with Patriot news, you can’t go 5 feet without hearing about how Tom Brady wants a new contract, I am so sick of him.  Even Peyton Manning, who I hate, has publically said that he ‘will play out his contract and go from there, as he has done throughout his career’.  I believe PG (Pre-Gisele) Brady would have said something similar but we haven’t heard anything like that from him. 

Oh, and did you hear about his wife’s comments on breastfeeding?  Long story short she wants a worldwide law to force women to breastfeed their children for at least 6 months after birth, even though she only did so for a few weeks.,2933,598528,00.html

You really don’t need much more than this to confirm that she’s arrogant/nutty and simply not in touch with reality, and it doesn’t bode well for Patriot’s fans that Brady is married to this woman. 

"...but after 3 hours of hair and make-up I'll be pretty"

I actually don’t know why we put these people on a pedestal anyway, these models look like they’re 10 minutes out of a concentration camp and they generally don’t look good without a ton of makeup, lighting, and photoshop.  I’d much rather look at women that have some curves to their bodies and who can look beautiful without makeup.

Also, Brady’s hair looks awful.  Last time I checked there isn’t a ratio that makes one’s on field performance inversely proportional to how stupid one’s hair is. 

"Go Kobe, beat the Celtics"

We missed a golden opportunity to trade Bady and keep Matt Cassel, who was playing better at the end of 08 than Brady played during all of 09 but it’s not too late, we can still unload Brady for a bunch of players/picks that we can use to rebuild the team and get us set for another dynasty. 

Come back, Kansas City doesn't deserve you.

– Ok, enough Brady bashing, now I’ll turn my ire to Belichick: we made a major mistake by not signing Terrell Owens, instead we got Tory Holt who has been looking old and slow at practice while TO has apparently been tearing it up with the Bengals.  TO would have been an immediate upgrade who was cheap and expendable, if he ran his mouth and caused problems they could have simply cut him, reinforcing that the team won’t tolerate nonsense.  If the younger players beat him out it gives them a tremendous boost in confidence, and you can cut him with little cost. 

Our receiving corp is only deep on paper, adding TO would have made it a lot more solid.  For all the reasons why it would have made sense to sign TO it would also have made sense to sign Brian Westbrook, who is still a free agent. 

– Predictions for this coming season

       The Jets will continue to not live up to their hype.

       Aaron Rodgers will be the best QB in the league.

       Manning will be even more dangerous with Anthony Gonzalez back and with Collie and Garcon having even more experience.  Even though I hate them they have a damn good chance at being a legit Superbowl contender. 

    Sam Bradford will be a BUST, if he even sees much action. 

    Tim Tebow, while not being a bust, will not be anything spectacular in his first 3 years in the league. 

   Jimmy Clausen will turn into a pretty solid QB.

   Gerald McCoy will be better than Ndamukong Suh.


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