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If you don’t like the answer then don’t ask the question!

Ok, this shit pisses me off and has for sometime, it’s time these attention whores get called out for what they are. 

So, this young woman and her family go right into the middle of a downtown metropolitan area and start taking pictures of her while she’s sticking out her butt and then raising her leg in the air exposing her crotch (it’s ok when you call it “ballet”) and they are *SHOCKED* when a guy starts taping it. 

– First off, you’re in public bitches, people can tape, if you don’t want them to tape then go somewhere private. 

– Next, if you were very little and very revealing clothes then you’re inviting attention.  Getting pissed when you do that makes about as much sense as speaking very loudly and then getting pissy because people are ‘evesdropping on your conversation’. 

Try taking some fucking responsibility for you actions, and this applies to all females that were revealing clothes and then act offended when males look at those body parts that are revealed.  I have to wonder if they ever gave even a second of thought to their reaction or if they simply go along with what society tells them to, kind of like women who get pissed off when a males leaves a toilet seat up.     

Finally, this dickhead biker needs a beatdown, trying to be a ‘hero’ because these women are acting like fucking morons, I wonder if part of him thought he was going to better his chances of fucking the young girl.


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