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Ok, am I the only one who thought Christina Aguilera’s rendition of the National Anthem sucked, aside from her messing up the lyrics?

Granted, my contempt is not limited to her, I detest just about every singer who does the anthem because they feel the need to insert notes that arent in the actual song, to me it seems like me pointing to a picture in a magazine and telling a landscaper to make my lawn just like it is in the picture and then having him do something quite different to express his individuality.  It’s become so common that I really wonder if singers think they NEED to change notes in order to make it good.

Personally, I can’t stand this, if you happen to like this practice so be it, but the funny thing is that while she was criticized for messing up the lyrics (which I can actually forgive pretty readily) she will NEVER be criticized for messing up the notes, except by a fictional character like Peter Griffin.

The reason WHY you won’t hear criticism against they style of singing is because it’s very popular among blacks, and even though Aguilera is quite pale a criticism of that style would be seen as a de facto criticism of black people.  The funny thing is that style of singing, very common and thought to originate in Southern Gospel Music sung by black people, actually comes from the Irish!  Yes, plenty of Irish/Scottish people immigrated and made their homes in the South, so what we have is white people imitating black people imitating the Irish.

Take a listen, see if you hear the subtle fluctuation of notes within the singing.

While I don’t find this offensive, it has nothing to do with their color, it’s because the song was designed with that style in mind, the lilting notes were intended to be there, unlike in the Star Spangled Banner, and to remove notes that were intended to be there wouldnt be any different in principal than inserting notes that arent intended to be there.

Anyway, this is just one more example that double standard that is constantly present in our society, and it’s often become so common that people don’t consciously recognize it as a double standard any more.

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