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Who needs stars?

What do



all have in common?

They’re awesome shows that have a huge following, but they’re also lacking any big Hollywood stars?  Sean Bean is not a star, he’s a somewhat known actor, as is Steve Buscemi, but they’re not stars who command a big paycheck.  Not only do I not think one needs stars to make a good movie but I actually think it gets in the way.  If you see Tom Cruise on the screen you see Tom Cruise, do you really distinguish the different characters he’s playing?  Probably not, you think Tom Cruise, but if you cast a relatively unknown actor you can immediately accept them as that character and not have to deal with any baggage you might have for a certain actor.

The other thing is that it saves a ton of money, why would you want to pay some guy a fuckton of money when you can get an unknown for a lot less and then spend a mere fraction of that money to hire better writers, you know, those guys who can actually write an interesting story with compelling characters and an interesting plot.

I hope we’ll see more shows like these that feel free to ditch the nonsensical idea that people need a big star in order to tune in.



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