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Patriotic Rejection!

Ok, I’ve been gone for a bit but now I’m back, and I promise you’ll get regular doses of old fashioned Caveman wisdom and humor, now onto my failed attempt at glory and Patriotism.

This is my idea for an updated Patriot’s alternate uniform, it’s basically the same layout they have now but with the colors inverted, so they red would once again be the dominant color, with white as the secondary, and blue as the minor color.  The helmet is also a combination of the old and new, with the flying Elvis on a white helmet that has a blue/red stripe down the middle. 

The basic idea was to update the throwbacks, which are mediocre in my opinion.  This would make your brain think it was the throwback while being a nice modernization, and everyone I showed this to at my office said they preferred it to the throwbacks and would even consider buying one if available.  It’s especially interesting to note that the throwbacks only sell for around $25 at the pro-shop at Foxboro while the regular jerseys sell for about $90, apparently I’m not the only one who thinks the throwbacks are nothing special. 

I think it kicks ass, and I sent it to the Patriots and it was promptly returned, according to the letter I got they didnt even open it due to their corporate policy.  This has actually become commonplace since Star Trek was sued by someone who sent in a script that was very similar to an episode their aired later on, so to avoid any legal issues they don’t take in any outside ideas. 

Oh well, Brady to Welker would have looked great in those uniforms.


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